Health Minister Olivier Véran has loosened one of the most important restrictions that come into effect on Monday, August 9, as the Health Pass enters almost areas of French life.

The validity of a negative test result has been extended to 72 hours from 48. This will mean that those opposed to vaccination but in possession of a negative test result will be able to enjoy the same freedoms as those who have a Health Pass, albeit for a limited time in each case.

On Sunday, President Macron appealed to French citizens to embrace fraternity as well as liberty and equality: “It’s about citizenship. Freedom only exists if the freedom of everyone is protected… it’s worth nothing if by exercising our freedom we contaminate our brother, neighbour, friend, parents, or someone we have come across at an event. Then freedom becomes irresponsibility,” he said.

A Health Pass or negative test will be needed inside and outside restaurants and cafes and most other social settings including flights and long-distance train travel.

In most cases, a Health Pass becomes valid one week after the second jab.

PHOTO: A bar owner attends a demonstration against France’s coronavirus disease (COVID-19) safety restrictions, in Cambrai, France, August 7, 2021. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol