The Société des Bains de Mer has been facing challenging times since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and has had to slim down its workforce in the face of serious financial challenges. Now it faces a new challenge.

The iconic operator of Monaco landmarks such as the Hôtel de Paris and the Casino of Monte-Carlo has been hit by a serious outbreak of coronavirus among its staff.

It has been reported that 58 of its employees have tested positive in the most recent wave.

The company’s Human Resources department has sent a letter to all employees warning of “a critical health situation.” Its director, Jean-François Mariotte, said the number of staff involved has never been higher.

He called on staff to double down on social distancing and to continuously respect a space of 1.5 metres. He said that if possible employees should take breaks alone.

He also said that workers who have been in contact with a positive case should stay at home. He added that sanctions would be considered if this is not done in future.

Working from home should be the preferred option for employees, but for those whose role is public-facing that is not going to be a practical solution.

FILE PHOTO: Hôtel de Paris