President Macron took to Twitter on Monday, July 26, to boost his hardline vaccination campaign. “It is together that we will defeat the virus. We continue!”

Macron took to social media to notify French residents that the milestone of 40 million first-time vaccinated people had been crossed. “Forty million French people have received at least one dose of vaccine, or nearly 60 percent of the population.”

In a blow to those opposed to the Health Pass, the combined chambers of the French parliament have included outside seating in bars and restaurants within the requirements of the document, meaning that no-one without two jabs and the evidence to prove it can enjoy the quniessentially French pastime of sitting on a ‘terrasse’ after August 1.

The President is particularly proud of the fact that four million people have been jabbed in the last fifteen days following his announcement of the Health Pass. However, the figures lag seriously behind the UK’s.

Meanwhile, in Monaco the number of people having received a first dose stood at 21,796, ie 56.83 percent of the Monegasque population and 63.3 percent of the population aged 12 and over as of Thursday, July 22. The number of people who have received the booster injection stands at 18,834, or 86.41 percent of those who have who received the first injection.

PHOTO: President Macron in Polynesia on Monday, where he prosed French help in combatting Chinese expansion in the region. Reuters