A concierge who was working at the Parc Saint Romain residence has appeared before Monaco Criminal Court charged with theft.

The 27 year-old resident of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin took advantage of one of the residents when he was absent for two months during 2020 by stealing a watch worth 20,000 euros, which he re-sold for 8,500. He also wrote out two cheques, one of which was processed and the sum of 67,100 credited to his own account, local French-language daily Monaco Matin reported.

However, his luck ran out when he paid in a second cheque, for 68,150. The resident’s bank became suspicious and alerted its client. Game over for the concierge.

Confronted with his crimes, he told. Investigators that he had no idea what had entered his head to do such a thing.

The victim told the court that he was shocked that someone in a position of trust, employed to protect his property, should behave in such a way.

The court decided on a one-year prison sentence, suspended. The guilty party was also ordered to pay 5,000 euros to the victim, who otherwise had been reimbursed.