Founded in 2018 by former Formula 1 driver Thierry Boutsen, Boutsen Classic Cars is a brokerage company dedicated to the sale of exceptional vehicles. Offering exclusive representation with a unique international network, the company has a discerning client base which stretches across the world.

After a period of working in Belgium within Boutsen Ginion, an entity of the Boutsen Group, Cedric, one of Thierry’s three sons, returned to his adoptive home of Monaco to develop this new activity alongside his father.

Cedric, how would you qualify as an “exceptional” vehicle?

“These are vehicles that, for the most part, have become rare pieces that you don’t see every day. Some vehicles that were sold over 30 years ago have a value that has risen sharply over time, either because of their limited numbers, their special mechanics or just because they have become the latest must-have car. Exceptional vehicles can be classics, historic race cars or even today’s supercars.”

Tell us more about your role within Boutsen Classic Cars

“My role within the company varies from day to day. Most of the time I am in contact with customers or prospects for the sale or purchase of a particular vehicle. I am often on the road inspecting vehicles or visiting potential customers who have important collections to present to us. Every day is quite different and that suits me fine!”

How has it been to work alongside your father?

“It was not immediately obvious, I wanted to forge my own path before joining the nfamily business because it was important for me to be able to prove myself and learn as much as possible before embarking on this adventure with my father. Today, I strongly appreciate the relationship we have, and I am happy to see that my knowledge can have a positive impact on the company. We complement each other very well.”

Tell us about some of Boutsen Classic Cars’ upcoming projects

“We have just inaugurated our showroom in Cala del Forte, the new port of Monaco. This is a big step forward for us because until now we have had our listings scattered around. This will allow us to manage everything from one place. I am very happy with this step forward for our company.”

If you had to choose a car from the Boutsen Classic Cars listing, which one would it be? And why?

“Good question… If I can’t choose all of them, I would choose the McLaren P1 GTR, it’s such an impressive hypercar, just looking at it gives me chills! That’s my choice in the more recent cars, as for the old ones, I would choose the Porsche 930 Turbo from 1986 which is a car that I have always appreciated because of its aggressive curves and its pleasant but powerful driving.