The Prince’s Government has decided to relax certain restrictions from this Saturday, July 10.

Dancing and music will be allowed in restaurants and clubs, “in a supervised and controlled manner.”

“However, in order to ensure the greatest health security, all customers must first have made a reservation and have a valid health pass. A check will be carried out at the entrance to the establishment,” the Government said in a press release on Thursday afternoon.

Following talks between the Minister of State and the President of the National Council, the maximum number of people in a particular group will increase from eight to ten. Masks must be worn in any queue.

Vaccinations will soon be available to employees in the Principality, and in the meantime Monegasques and residents over 12 who have not yet been vaccinated are invited to do so as quickly as possible, “because only vaccination constitutes a protection not only for the individual but for everyone,” the Government said.

In the meantime, four new cases of coronavirus among residents were notified in Monaco on Thursday, and one full recovery.

There are now three non-residents with coronavirus being treated at Princess Grace Hospital and 22 residents with mild symptoms are recovering at home.