After 22 years, Michel Dotta has decided to step down as president of the Monaco real estate chamber, having forewarned his colleagues three years ago that he would not continue in the role.

Mr Dotta told the French language daily Monaco Matin that he was happy to quit. “I’ve worked a lot and I have the feeling that I did the job well. It will also be time to do a little more golf”, he said.

The agency that he heads is one of the oldest in Monaco, having been first established in 1894. Dotta currently employs 28.
As president of the chamber, Michel Dotta has emphasised professionalism and has overseen a growth in the number of agencies from 50 to 86.

“Today, the Chamber is consulted on a permanent basis by the government and the National Council,” Mr Dotta said.

He continues as president of the Monaco Economic Board.