Mediobanca – CMB Monaco’s shareholder – has adhered to the Principles for Responsible Banking of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative promoted by the United Nations with the aim of helping to steer the sector further in the direction of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN.

This choice is consistent with the Strategic Plan unveiled by Mediobanca in November 2019, which was already firmly based on ethical and responsible banking principles with a view to strengthening a sustainable business model in pursuit of sustainable growth.

The Principles for Responsible Banking were launched at the United Nations’ General Assembly in September 2019 and have the aim of incentivising banks to set objectives for sustainable growth and to measure the impact of their own activities on individuals and the planet.

“We are keen to play an active role in delivering on the United Nations’ Global Agenda,“ said Alberto Nagel, Chief Executive Officer of Mediobanca. “We are well aware of the significant contribution that financial institutions today can make in the area of sustainability issues, which is why we integrated ESG criteria into our business model when we developed our Strategic Plan through to 2023: tangible evidence of our commitment to create value over the long term for our clients, colleagues and stakeholders”.

FILE PHOTO: The courtyard at Mediobanca’s headquarters