The 3rd ‘World Bicycle Day’ fell on Thursday June 3 this year. The special day was created in 2018 by the United Nations to promote the bicycle as a healthy and environmentally-friendly form of transport worldwide.

The Principality of Monaco does not need an annual reminder of the importance of bicycles, as a growing number of initiatives have made Monegasque roads much more bike-friendly.

The Monegasque public already benefits from a fleet of 390 Monabike self-service bicycles with 600 attachment points spread over 42 stations throughout the country. A new station, scheduled for installation in front of the Lycée Albert 1er, should be complete by the end of this autumn.

A new all-in-one application called Monapass has also just been released. The app, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and the Android Store, enables users to make the most of the Monabike service while also benefitting from information about parking and taking the bus in Monaco.

In addition to this, the Department of the Environment continues to organise ‘Cycling Sundays’, a convivial event for bicycle enthusiasts of all ages. the next edition of which is scheduled for Sunday August 8, 2021 at Port Hercule.