The Principality, under the leadership of His Serene Highness the Sovereign Prince, is committed to a process of reducing its waste and aims for zero single-use plastic waste by 2030.

Aspects of the policy were first implemented in 2016, with the ban on single-use plastic bags, added-to in 2019, by the elimination of plastic straws and stirrers, and in 2020, by the ban on plastic cups, cutlery and plates. single-use plastic.

The release of balloons and lanterns was also banned in March 2020. Intended for recreation and celebration, they are responsible for a large quantity of marine litter and are sources of danger for marine fauna.

Some new measures and prohibitions take effect on June 1, others are staggered. They target plastic products that generate waste that is often found after being discarded, especially at sea, and that can easily be replaced by more ecological alternatives.

Among the items to be banned from January 1, 2022, are plastic toys offered in children’s menu boxes, such as at McDonalds, which in the UK markets its product aimed at children with the slogan ‘Fun and toys in every meal,’and plastic wrappings for fruits and vegetables.