The fifth Conference on the Conservation of Cetaceans in Southern Mediterranean Countries went swimmingly well, as experts, students and organisations came together online to encourage the development of the conservation of our cetacean friends.

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are all cetaceans, and many find themselves in the Mediterranean Sea. One unfortunately endangered example is the Mediterranean Sperm Whale, of which there are now fewer than 2,500 adults remaining in the wild.

Being very much in touch with the need to fight for the protection of our marine environment, and particularly that right on our doorstep, the Principality of Monaco financially supported the conference.

This conference was organised by the ACCOBAMS Secretariat, in collaboration with the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas and took place online over the course of three days, between April 13 to 15.

Within the conference, five scientific sessions provided an opportunity to exchange experiences and information and to consider the best approaches and actions for a perfect knowledge of cetacean populations in the southern Mediterranean region.

Featured image: the Mediterranean Sperm Whale