Monaco’s health situation has improved markedly over the last few weeks, and as a result the Government has relaxed the curfew from next Monday, April 19.

Residents and hotel guests only will be able to use restaurants in the evening, which will be open until 21:30. Diners will be able to make their way home until 22:00. The curfew will start at 21:00

The rules currently in force for lunches will continue to apply for dinners, with reservations being needed, a mask worn when not at table, and a limit of six per table.

“The (coronavirus) incidence rate has been divided by three in one month. We are therefore focusing on everyone’s responsibility by moving to a measured, controlled, contained, targeted reopening of certain activities such as restaurants in the evening and sports at school,” the Government said on Thursday afternoon.

Minister of State Pierre Dartout added: “The health situation shows that the measures put in place have slowed the circulation of the virus. If the numbers are improving, we need to remain vigilant and cautious. We spare a thought, too, for families who have lost a loved one.”

PHOTO: Pierre Dartout speaking on Thursday, April 15