A seasonal employee of SBM decided to liven up the action at Jimmy’z by setting fire to a jet of alcohol at 2:40 in the morning of August 4, 2019. Unfortunately, this spontaneous decision caused more combustion than anticipated and a customer’s shirt went up in flames at Monaco’s ‘temple of clubbing.’

The victim suffered 12 percent burns on his body and spent a painful four weeks in hospital in Toulon after being evacuated by helicopter, local French daily Monaco Matin reported. He had to take four months off work, had skin grafts and will have to wear special clothing for another few months.

CCTV footage of the incident was shown at a court hearing in Monaco this week, when prosecutors asked for a suspended jail sentence. The culprit admitted responsibility, and on seeing the footage, said he had not realised at the time how serious the incident was.

However, the court showed leniency and imposed a fine of 3,000 euros, noting that the incident was accidental.

FILE PHOTO: Screenshot from SBM website