The François-Xavier Mora Foundation reaffirmed its support for the Scientific Center of Monaco with the signing of a research agreement.

The purpose of the sponsorship is to finance translational research programs that can be carried out for the benefit of patients. This is research work, halfway between fundamental research which consists in understanding the mechanisms at the origin of the development of cancer and clinical research, and that aims to evaluate the efficacy and tolerance of new treatments on patients.

Working alongside the Scientific Center of Monaco for more than six years, the François-Xavier Mora Foundation continues to provides financial support to the Department of Medical Biology of the Center, so that the teams of Dr Gilles Pagès can continue work on many important research projects.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service

PHOTO: Ms Delphine Frappier, Secretary General of the CSM, Prof. Patrick Rampal, President of the CSM, Ms Frédérique Mora and Ms Marie-Laurence Mora, Founders and Presidents of the François-Xavier Mora Foundation © Direction de la Communication – Manuel Vitali