The results and discoveries of the RAMOGE Agreement’s 2018 exploration campaign have been published in full on the RAMOGE website. The findings are organised in a booklet format and allow the reader to immerse themselves in the hidden world of deep environments.

After a first campaign in the coastal zone between Marseille and La Spezia in 2015, the second oceanographic campaign carried out in 2018 made it possible to collect new data in canyons and deep offshore areas.

Ten scientists from the three member countries of the agreement (France, Italy and Monaco) boarded ‘L’Atalante’, an oceanographic vessel equipped with a remotely operated submersible vehicle, which allowed them to collect vital data from the deep.

Having been processed and published, the data has contributed to the increasing knowledge of these environments, which will ensure their better protection.

The RAMOGE website states that “The success of this exploration campaign would not have been the same without the commitment of its head of mission, Mr. Boris Daniel, who passed away in 2020. Even if the marine world has lost one of its valiant defenders, we will make sure that we continue our commitment to the Mediterranean.”

With the 2018 campaign now complete, the RAMOGE agreement has set its sight on a new campaign, planned for summer 2021.

To view the findings within the booklet, click here, or go straight to the RAMOGE website here.

Featured image by Mme Magali Boussion, titled ‘Outside of Nice. Living in the big blue’, this photograph took second place in the 2021 RAMOGE photographic contest ‘RAMOGE – The Man and the Sea’