In an alliance that at first glance looks unlikely, but is very significant, the House of CHANEL has joined forces with the Scientific Centre of Monaco (CSM) to further research the precious Mediterranean Red Coral (Corallium rubrum) species.

The legendary French fashion marque and Monaco’s own scientific centre signed the partnership agreement some time ago, in September 2019, to create a research unit dedicated to the biology of precious corals. The objective is to better understand certain key life processes of red coral in order to protect and better conserve this species.

The precious Mediterranean Red Coral (Corallium rubrum)

The Mediterranean Red Coral is an emblematic and classic material in the jewellery world, and differs from tropical corals through its characteristic red hue and extremely slow growth. This local species grows at a rate of only one to three millimetres per year, which contributes to its precious status.

Most likely owing to this preciousness, the Red Coral has been exploited for centuries, and is today a natural treasure of the Mediterranean that deserves to be protected. It is with this desire to protect and conserve the species that the program began and will continue to operate, as a result of the partnership between CHANEL and CSM.

The coral project is not the Principality’s only connection to CHANEL. Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline’s older daughter, is ‘the face’ of the Paris fashion house.

Featured image: Pr Denis ALLEMAND – Pr Françoise GAILL – M. Frédéric GRANGIE. ©Direction de la Communication – Michael Alesi