A leading figure in Monaco’s automotive world, Stéphane Edelstein, has died from coronavirus. According to Lyon People, Mr Edelstein died on February 25 after being placed in an artificial coma at the end of January in hospital at Saint Laurent-du-Var. He was 48.

He joined Monaco Luxury Group on ave. Princesse Grace in 2014 and worked in sales with top-end cars, including McLaren, Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

In his last Facebook post, Stéphane wrote: “Dear friends, I tested positive for Covid 19 tonight after two days of being feverish and exhausted. Several of my colleagues have been this weekend so if we’ve been mixing with each other over the past few days, get tested! This shit brought me to my knees with fever flares and severe fatigue. But my doctor is confident that rest, Doliprane and an antibiotic should get me back on my feet by next week. Take care of yourself and be careful because while I was doing my test several other people tested positive. This does not happen to others, and yet I am very careful with excessive barrier gestures. But that’s life. I love you friends.”

PHOTO: Courtesy Lyon People