In order to encourage green mobility and the use of bicycles in the Principality, the Prince’s Government and the Compagnie des Autobus de Monaco (CAM) gave new impetus in July 2019 to self-service electric bicycles by deploying a new MonaBike system with: A doubling of the number of stations and a tripling of the number of bicycles, and opening up the service to occasional and tourist customers via a mobile smartphone application, which makes it possible to easily identify the location of stations and the number of bikes available at each one.

With 2,100 subscribers and 342,000 trips made in 2020, the new MonaBike service has been a tremendous success and has quadrupled its usage. With an average of more than seven trips/bike/day, MonaBike is at the same level as the self-service bicycle systems of large cities.

Now it will expand and develop to an even greater level.

In order to continue this progress and improve the network, new stations will be gradually installed in the next few days at the Heliport, in the Ténao tunnel in Saint Roman, Boulevard d’Italie, Boulevard de Belgique near the entrance to the Princess Antoinette Park, avenue de Grande Bretagne, rue des Lauriers and boulevard du Jardin Exotique in front of the Revoires school.

Soon, 43 stations and 390 MonaBike bikes will be available. Whatever their journey in the Principality, users will benefit from a station close to their place of departure and arrival.

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Urban Planning, said: “The deployment of MonaBike continues today and I am delighted because this service – which is very successful – is perfectly suited to short trips in our city-state.”

Factsheet: Annual subscription of €72 and €48 for users already subscribed to the bus network or public car parks. For occasional customers; €8 per month, €6 per week, €2 per day and €1 per trip.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service