Paula Farquharson-Blengino could not be better qualified to take over from Judith Gantley at the head of the prestigious and very special Princess Grace Irish Library.

Judith was the librarian for 25 years and worked assiduously to enable it to meet its wider ambitions as an important centre of learning, knowledge, and importantly – conviviality – in the Principality.

Paula was born in Ireland and educated at Trinity College Dublin. She has had a rich and varied career in her home country, in the US and in Monaco in marketing, communication, journalism and events.

PGIL stands at 9 rue Princesse Marie-de-Lorraine on the Rock, in honour to the attachment that Princess Grace had for Ireland, the land of her forebears. A place with its own unique charm, the library houses 12,000 books and many artefacts with a close connection to the Princess. It is also a venue for fascinating lectures from distinguished Irish academics and personalities.

The current pandemic has, of course, limited PGIL’s programme, but the library’s friends look forward to a new chapter once the present clouds have passed.

Contact:,, +377 93 50 12 25.

PHOTO: Paula Farquharson-Blengino Ed Wright Images