An eleventh resident has died after testing positive for coronavirus, the Government announced on Thursday evening. The latest victim was 79.

It is important to note that all 11 fatalities have been of people over 70 and that they tested positive for coronavirus. In a number of cases those who died suffered from other illnesses or underlying conditions.

Once again, the Government expressed sincere condolences.

During the latest 24-hour period 17 residents tested positive for coronavirus while 18 residents were reported to have fully recovered.

Of 32 residents in Princess Grace Hospital, two are currently in intensive care.

One hundred and forty-two residents with mild symptoms are recovering at home under supervision of the Home Monitoring Centre.

In the meantime, France reported 3,770 new cases and 344 new deaths on Thursday. The figures for the UK were 28,680 new cases and 1,239 new deaths.