A kindergarten student from the Parc School tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday, January 26. The student was sent home from school, in accordance with the procedure recommended by the Monegasque health authorities.

As PCR tests are not carried out on kindergarten students and they are not subject to the obligation to wear a mask because of their young age, the Prince’s Government has decided, as a precautionary principle, that all pupils of the class concerned will be sent home for a period of ten days.

The parents of the pupils concerned were directly informed by the school administration. They are invited to monitor the appearance of any symptom suggestive of Covid-19 in their child and to isolate their child as much as possible during the isolation period. School staff who have been in contact with the student will have a PCR test.

The Parc School continues to welcome students from other classes in compliance with the health measures in force.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service PHOTO: Google street view