The Prince’s Government has taken the decision to bring forward the nightly curfew by one hour to 19:00 from Monday, January 11.

Importantly, restaurants will no longer open in the evenings and there will be no more routine exceptions allowing clients to return home before 22:00.

Restaurants will be allowed to operate at lunchtimes, but only for Monaco residents and employees. Reservations will remain mandatory.

The Government’s decision, taken in conjunction with the National Council through the Joint Monitoring Committee, comes as coronavirus case rates have risen in recent days.

The main consequence of this measure will be that it will no longer be possible to go to shops, restaurants, sports halls, or to attend artistic performances after this time. Only the usual exceptions will remain – travel related to professional activity , education or training, for medical reasons, for compelling family reasons, assistance to vulnerable people or childcare, to respond to a judicial or administrative summons, to participate in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority, or briefly for the needs of companion animals,” the Government said.

HSH Prince Albert said on Friday, January 8, that a lockdown would be considered only as a last resort, a move that has so far been avoided.

PHOTO: Minister of State Pierre Dartout speaking on Saturday, January 9