UPDATED DECEMBER 31, 15:09: Only Monegasques, Monaco residents and employees of Monaco entities will be able to eat in the Principality’s restaurants after 19:00 on Saturday, January 2, the Prince’s Government said on Wednesday, December 30.

The Government said that the coronavirus incidence rate remains half that of the Alpes-Maritimes and this, combined with the fact that there has been an increase in infections in recent days, means that it is necessary to tighten the rules.

Access to Monaco restaurants will be limited to residents and employees both for lunch and dinner service.

Minister of the interior Patrice Cellario also advised Monaco residents to limit their excursions into France.

The new restrictions follow the closure of the border from 19:00 on Thursday, December 31, to all except residents and those holding reservations at Monaco hotels for the evening of December 31/January 1.

FILE PHOTO: Patrice Cellario