On Monday, December 14, Mme Isabelle Rosabrunetto and M. Yves Arnoldy signed a three-year funding plan for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in accordance with the Convention signed in Geneva on May 23, 2018. The three-year plan will come into effect on January 1, 2021 and will extend until December 31, 2023. Over those three years, the ICRC will receive 500,000 euros from the Principality.

This signature demonstrates the Principality’s deep attachment and respect for international humanitarian law. The Prince’s Government and the ICRC have, therefore, agreed to direct part of the Monegasque contribution towards operations carried out in conflicts that are taking hold over time. A portion of this funding will also benefit the physical rehabilitation program carried out in Mali, a partner country of the Monegasque Cooperation program.

The remaining funding is then left in the hands of the ICRC, which can then use it in accordance to needs stemming from new emergencies. The ICRC is a long-standing partner of the Prince’s Government. Its purely humanitarian mission consists of protecting and assisting the victims of armed conflicts which cause serious humanitarian consequences, as is currently the case in Syria and Yemen. Discover more about about helping this cause by clicking on the link to the ICRC website here.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Office