The second national risk assessment progress seminar took place on November 12 under the auspices of the Financial Circuits Information and Control Service (SICCFIN).

The meeting brought together nearly 100 people representing the public and private sectors of the Principality and took place in the presence of Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and Economy, Patrice Cellario, Minister for the Interior, Robert Gelli, Secretary of State for Justice and Sylvie Petit-Leclair, Attorney General.

Jean Castellini said that regulation is not the enemy of the business community, while Robert Gelli, for his part drew the attention of the audience to the criminalisation of the concept of negligence which consists of the non-observance of the obligations charged to finance and business professionals.

Many other personalities from the Principality took part during this very fruitful working morning, the Government said: Sophie Vatrican (Director of Budget and Treasury), Agnès Falco (UBS) and Sérène El-Masri (UBP), Hervé Ordioni and Alain Ucari (AMAF) , Michel Dotta (President of the Real Estate Chamber), Pascal Camia (Managing Director of SBM), Jean-Philippe Ory (President of AMCO), Claude Cardone (President of the Monegasque Chamber of Watchmaking and Jewellery) , Philippe Ortelli (President of the FEDEM), Daniel Coheur (Tokeny company), Jean-Marc Gualandi, Eric Bergesi and Benjamin Aouizerat (SICCFIN).

In his conclusions, the Director of SICCFIN thanked the speakers and participants and arranged to meet them in spring 2021 for a further progress report.

PHOTO: Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance and the Economy, Patrice Cellario, Minister of the Interior, Michel Hunault, Director of SICCFIN, Robert Gelli, Secretary of State for Justice and Sebastien Prat of the Phoenix agency that helped organise the meeting Monaco Government Press Office