“By increasing from four tele-services in 2018, eight in 2019, 18 in 2020 and with a target of 30 in 2021, we are accelerating our program for the benefit of users,” the man responsible for Monaco’s digital transition, Frédéric Genta, said this week.

Julien Dejanovic, Director of Digital Services, added: “Our objective is to work on the dematerialisation of the relationship between the user and the administration, not to substitute for a service, but to improve the quality of this relationship, whether the user is a parent of a student, a motorist, a civil servant or a tenant.”

The four priority tele-services to be launched by the end of 2020 will include online payments for canteen services, involving 3,200 students in 10 establishments. This application, already launched, will allow parents to choose their payment method (direct debit, credit card) and avoid the processing of more than 5,000 cheques per year.

The Mon Espace Domaines application will allow tenants of state housing to access all of their documents, to communicate digitally with the Administration des Domaines, to receive information on their building and to pay online. The ambition is to provide residents of the 4,200 apartments with a better service and reduce the 120,000 printed documents sent out each year.

The application is in the testing phase and will be fully launched in mid-October.

Paying and booking an appointment online for technical inspections will give motorists a faster and more flexible experience and the savings of more than 60,000 letters. This tool will be launched on November 10.

The SPME (State Medical Benefits Service) application will allow users to view reimbursements and treatment forms online, have a digital registration card and benefit from remote transmission to complementary insurances. and mutuals. In addition to providing a much better service, the goal of this application is to save 180,000 transmissions per year which corresponds to 150,000 euros in savings and the printing of 10,000 registration cards. This application will be launched by the end of the year.

PHOTO: Frédéric Genta et Julien Dejanovic Monaco Government Press Service