The historic French auto-maker Delage is back in business after a 65-year hiatus. The company was founded in 1905 and after a successful stint in race and luxury car production, faded into obscurity and remained dormant from 1954, until now. Thanks to the brand’s CEO, Laurent Tapie, Delage was resurrected in 2019 and later that same year its comeback car was ready for the world.

Delage have a rich automotive history with a back catalogue consisting exclusively of stylish speed machines, like this D8-120 which contrasts starkly with Delage’s latest offering

Introducing the D12, an automobile of peculiar specifications and proportions. The styling, for a start, seems to be akin to that of a sci-fi spaceship. Don’t be fooled by that central seating position, as the D12 features tandem seating, reminiscent to that of a fighter jet or a Renault Twizy. Beneath the complicated shell lays a straightforward 7.6L V12 engine which has then been mated to a low-output electric motor to produce a combined total of over 1,000 horsepower.

Delage is confident in its creation, stating that the D12 is the closest thing to a Formula 1 car for the road. However, the likelihood of actually seeing one on the road won’t be very high as this model is very exclusive, as it would be expected in the current hypercar climate. Is the price tag of €2m too expensive? Probably not, as deposits are already coming in despite the delivery date expected for the second half of 2022, something to look forward to at least.

Until then the D12 will be doing the rounds. For its European debut, the showcar will take its place at the currently ongoing Investment in Sustainable Development Forum at the Fairmont in Monte Carlo. The official presentation will take place on September 25, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert at the gala dinner of the fourth edition of the CC Forum.

The D12 will be back in the Principality next year for Top Marques 2021, the most prestigious auto-event worldwide will return after a coronavirus induced break, but this next edition promises to pack a punch, especially with this new French party piece.