AS Monaco have a rich history and are therefore well known worldwide with an indisputable social media presence. This presence has seen the club gain popularity in China on a handful of widely-used platforms, the most notable of which being ‘Weibo’. Two years since the club joined the network in 2018, ASM now have over a million followers. The boys in red and white are clearly appreciated in China.

If you are unsurprisingly unfamiliar with ‘Weibo’, it is the biggest social media network in China with the company seeing more than 450 million active users to date. The service is very similar to Twitter in the sense of microblogging, as fans of the club share opinions and support from around the globe.

In fact Monaco is second only to Paris in Ligue 1 club influence on the platform and outranks other European clubs such as AS Roma and RB Leipzig. The Monegasque institution’s reach doesn’t stop there either as the red and whites also have tens of thousands of fans on other platforms such as Dongquidi, Toutiao and Douyin.

When combined with the club’s presence on other social media platforms, this distant growth contributes to the grand total number of 12.5 million fans worldwide. Not a bad number at all for the Monaco club as it continues in its digital development.

Featured image reads “1 million fans on Weibo”