Thirty years ago, Ferrucio Lamborghini unveiled to the world his final creation; the Lamborghini Diablo. To mark the occasion of the anniversary, a recently founded company Bull Days organised a rally around the Riviera ending on August 2 at the Casino Square.

More than 60 Lamborghini cars took part in the event making for a very loud and colourful line up. The models varied in age but not one of them looked out of place in the heart of Monte-Carlo. Click through the gallery below:

The tour took more than 60 lucky Lambo drivers through Nice and Cannes before concluding in Monaco for a well-received gala at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort. Before that, the large group took to the Monaco Grand Prix track, which was certainly a sight and sound to behold.

This event was lead by Stefano Cigana who worked closely with the Principality in organising one of the biggest events of this summer. “We organised this grand tour in collaboration with the Principality in order to restart tourism but also to celebrate this anniversary.

Out of all the models represented in the square, the Diablo was the star of the show. After all, it is the red devil’s birthday.


All pictures taken by Jack Brodie for Monaco Daily News