The seven new cases of coronavirus identified in Monaco last week were the result of residents returning from foreign travel, suggesting that the virus has not gained traction in the population as a whole.

No new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the Principality since last Friday, and all but one of the newly-infected individuals are showing few symptoms and are being treated at home at a distance.

However, in other European countries there has been a rise in new cases, a cause for concern for health professionals and governments alike.

Meanwhile, there is good news from the UK, where only seven new deaths from coronavirus were reported on Monday, July 27. New cases stood at 685. The latest figures for Spain are 2,120 new cases, with no deaths reported on Monday. However, the new cases in Spain include antibodies tests, inflating the new case figures.

In France 514 new cases and nine new deaths were reported on the same day, and in Italy 170 new cases and five new deaths were reported on Monday.

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