The mass screening for Monegasques, residents and employees ended on Tuesday July 14, with 36,000 people having benefited from rapid testing. The Government believes that the campaign has been an undoubted success in combating the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, and from July 15 it will continue in a different form.

Private doctors and pharmacies will carry out screening tests for coronavirus antibodies for anyone who wishes it. In order to benefit from these rapid blood tests, the individual will first fill out an authorisation form. The cost will be limited to 10 euros for the test itself and a fee of up to 15 euros. Any follow-up for positive cases will be in the hands of the Monaco medical authorities.

The Monegasque Red Cross has trained pharmacists to carry out the tests. The Government is anxious to maintain a high level of testing in order to track any spread of the virus.

ORIGINAL SOURCE & PHOTO: Monaco Government Press Service