Circulation of the coronavirus has increased in France, but is still low, according to Public Health France. The agency had reported that the total death toll in France reached 30,004 on Friday, July 10.

The health minister responded by telling news channel BFMTV “The French want to vacation, want to forget everything they have experienced during these months.” Olivier Véran added: “They must not forget that the virus is circulating, it doesn’t need to be constantly on their minds, we must not live in permanent anxiety, we must live in vigilance.”

He reminded the populace to continue to wash their hands frequently and follow other health measures. He echoed the appeal by new Prime Minister Jean Castex for the public to wear masks whenever possible to help avoid a second wave of infections.

The prime minister allayed fears of a second nationwide lockdown, saying: “We must be ready for a second wave, but we would not proceed to a general lockdown like in March, as that has terrible economic and human consequences. Any new lockdown would be targeted.”

Twenty-five new deaths from coronavirus were reported in France on Friday. The UK recorded 48 new deaths on the same day and 148 on Saturday, July 11. The European figures pale by comparison to the US, where 849 people died from the virus on Friday, and 732 on Saturday, July 11.

PHOTO: French PM jean Castex Reuters