Alexander Zverev, world number 7 tennis player, has been filmed at a party in Monaco, breaching his promise to self-isolate after several other players tested positive for coronavirus in the aftermath of the Adria Tour. A total of seven people tested positive after the ill-fated tour, organised by Novak Djokovic, who himself tested positive.

Zverev issued a statement at the time “deeply apologising” to anyone put at risk and promising to self-isolate for 14 days.

After the party image surfaced on Instagram, Zverev’s fellow tennis player Nick Kyrgios said he was ‘selfish.’

“I wake up and I see more controversial things happening all over the world. But one that stuck out for me was seeing Sascha Zverev again, man, again,” Kyrgios said.

How selfish can you be? if you have the audacity to put out a tweet that you made your management write on your behalf saying you’re going to self isolate for 14 days and apologising to the public for putting their health at risk at least have the audacity to stay inside for 14 days. My God, have your girlfriend with you for 14 days. Jesus, man, this tennis world is p…… me off. How selfish can you all get?”

This led to Boris Becker describing Kyrgios as a ‘rat.’ Becker, a former coach of Djokovic, tweeted: “Don’t like no rats. Anybody telling off fellow sportsman/woman is no friend of mine! Look yourself in the mirror and think your better than us. . . Nick Kyrgios.”

It didn’t take Nick Kyrgios long to respond, lobbing back that Becker was “a bigger doughnut than I thought… For goodness sake Boris, I’m not competing or trying to throw anyone under the bus. It’s a global pandemic and if someone is as idiotic as Alex to do what he has done, I’ll call it out.”

Straight down the line, Becker returned with: “We should protect our families/loved ones and follow the guidelines but still don’t like #rats.”

Kyrgios: “Rats? For holding someone accountable? Strange way to think of it champion, I’m just looking out for people. WHEN my family and families all over the world have respectfully done the right thing and you have a goose waving his arms around, imma’ say something.”

Becker’s “funny guy” irked Kyrgios, who replied: “Don’t act like you’re my friend”. He added: “Can hit a volley, obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed though.”

Becker came back with: “I really would like to see Nick Kyrgios fulfil his potential and win a grand slam. He would be an incredible role model for the youth of the world addressing issues of quality/race. Man up buddy and deliver!”

PHOTO: Nick Kyrgios Reuters