Compagnie Monégasque de Banque presented a cheque for 470,955 euros to the Princess Grace Hospital Centre on Monday, June 22, after a remarkable fund-raising effort among its clients over a four-week period.

The campaign recognises the fact that the Princess Grace Hospital was on the front line of the Principality’s very successful efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak. Of the total raised, the bank itself donated 100,000 euros as part of a big ‘thank you’ from the Monaco community.

The money will be put to use help the hospital adapt to future operational demands on its expertise.

From left to right: Dr Chrystel Fissore, Head of Laboratory Service, Mr André Garino, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CHPG, Mr Francesco Grosoli, Managing Director of CMB, Ms Benoîte de Sevelinges, CHPG Director, Professor Isabelle Rouquette, Head of Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit, Mr Etienne Franzi, President CMB, Dr Mathieu Liberatore, Head of Service and President of the Establishment Medical Commission, Dr Olivia Keita Perse, Head of Infectiology Service. Government Press Office