Stars’n’Bars will reopen, following government authorisation, on June 2, “with a renewed  commitment to serve our customers, our community and our planet. The reopening will reflect the new security standards necessary to protect our customers and employees to the maximum,” the restaurant said on Monday, May 25.

“We have redesigned our service areas to guarantee social distancing and customer comfort… The restaurant will offer a reduced and updated menu including our homemade dishes created from local, organic and fresh products, and fish from responsible fishing. We will not increase the prices on our menu.

Stars’n’Bars has been at the forefront of promoting sustainability in recent years, and will remove dishes and drinks containing non-local ingredients from distant locations to reduce its carbon footprint.

The restaurant will continue to serve take-away meals using recyclable and compostable containers. It is also working with government and neighbouring offices on the port to eventually provide washable and reusable take-away containers to reduce waste.

The menu is now presented on a digital tablet, easy to clean and disinfect, which also allows the restaurant to quickly change the elements of its menu to reflect the daily specials and the additions of seasonal dishes.
“By reducing our menu and offering various daily specials, we will also reduce food waste. We are already working with local supermarkets to reduce waste by optimising the useful life of food products.

“Our goal is to work in conjunction with the Restaurant Engagé label and also anti-waste apps like Ecoslowasting to share techniques and recipes in order to reduce food waste.

“We are also developing alternative technologies to reduce physical contact such as menu access by simple QR code via the customer’s smartphone.

“While using our digital technology, the Stars’n’Bars will continue to reinvent itself and design a “customer experience” that always offers the atmosphere, fun and personal touch.”

PHOTO: Kate Powers with washable and recyclable takeaway boxes