In an interview published in on Tuesday, May 26, the director of the Monaco Yacht Show said that a final decision on holding the event will be taken on July 20.

“We are continuing to have many meetings with the Principality of Monaco, as we do every year to work on various aspects of the show, but especially now, as the reality of last week is so different this week. As the pandemic continues to change and evolve, it is, of course, difficult to announce anything too far in advance,” Gaelle Tallarida said.

“However, as we all know, circumstances are different this year and we have redefined the deadline for confirming whether the show will run or not, which is now 20 July. It is totally understandable that everyone would like more details, but nobody knows what will happen with this pandemic, so we are coping with the uncertainty whilst still working on all aspects of the show. Our commitment to the industry is to deliver a show as we do every year – but the scale will be different, for sure.

“We don’t know if we will make a loss but we are taking the risk. If we have fewer exhibitors than we think, then we will have a loss. Usually, we have more than 500 exhibitors and at the moment, most still want to show but the majority will decide in three weeks when the pandemic regulations change – which are also critical aspects for the show’s organisation.”

Asked if there would be any reduction in ticket prices for attendees, Ms Tallarida said that the aim was to keep the high quality of the event and also control visitor numbers.

“There are already some high-net-worth individuals coming back to the area, which is good news, plus we have very few COVID-19 cases in Monaco and citizens have been respecting the rules. The 2020 MYS will certainly be a unique show in a unique period,” she said.

PHOTO: Gaelle Tallarida Informa