John Holland-Kaye, chief executive of Heathrow Airport, said on Thursday, May 21, that new thermal imaging cameras have been installed to check on body temperatures of passengers.

An outspoken critic of the UK government’s approach to air travel during the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Mr Holland-Kaye said that the stated policy of introducing a 14-day quarantine for arriving passengers should not last for more than a few weeks.

“We must be sure that a health epidemic does not become an unemployment epidemic.” Another critic said that the government’s proposal was “too much, too late”.

The government said: “The scientific advice shows that when domestic transmission is high, cases from abroad represent a small amount of the overall total and make no significant difference to the epidemic.

“Now that domestic transmission within the UK is coming under control, and other countries begin to lift lockdown measures, it is the right time to prepare new measures at the border.”

PHOTO: The cameras work automatically and passengers do not need to stop Heathrow Airport