Monaco mid-fielder Cesc Fabregas has offered to defer his entire Monaco salary for four months’ in a move which would save his club two million euros.

He will also take a 30 percent pay cut for four months. The former Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder has revealed that his 95-year-old great-grandmother contracted the coronavirus. His great-grandmother has since recovered, announced Fabregas in a tweet.

The caption reads: She has overcome coronavirus at 95. Yesterday the test came out negative! My great-grandmother is a superhero, but none of this would be possible without the help of all the nurses and doctors who are leaving life at every moment so that all of us can be better.

He has also offered to top up the wages of the training ground staff at Monaco, who have had their wages cut by 30 percent.

The Spanish international celebrates his 33rd birthday on May 4. On April 22 he Tweeted: Fun fact: I just learned today has been exactly 16 years and 177 days since my professional debut at 16 years and 177 days old. So long story short, I have officially been playing football professionally for exactly half of my life today.

Image: © VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images