If there is any ray of sunshine to be found in the coronavirus crisis it must be the boost it’s given working from home. Monaco’s Government has been promoting the practice for several years, largely because it reduces the strain on physical travel and the large numbers of employees who flood into Monaco each day from France and Italy.

However, only about 1,300 employees had transferred from physical travel to working from home before the virus hit. The number has increased to close to 10,000 under the strict rules of the lockdown in Monaco and also in France and Italy.

The Government is aiming to keep distance-working in place as much as possible. “It is a very good measure which makes it possible to prevent employees from moving around, while retaining their activity, and we will continue to apply it,” said Didier Gamerdinger, Minister for Social Affairs and Health.

The National Council will debate a legislative text at its meeting on Tuesday, May 5, that will not only encourage employers to accommodate home-working but also apply sanctions when it’s not implemented.

PHOTO: Didier Gamerdinger