Monaco’s schools will start to reopen on May 11, the same day as schools in France. Although Monaco is in lockdown until May 3, one week before France, many of the students attending school in Monaco live in France.

No firm decisions have yet been taken on how the reopening will be managed, and which students will be the first to be welcomed back. Much will depend on scholastic priorities, such as exams. However, certain precautions are likely to be taken similar to those already outlined in France. Many students will be encouraged to continue to study at home, classes will be divided into two groups, with one half staying at home for a certain period, then swapping with the other half, classroom doors will be left open – to avoid everyone touching the handles – and classrooms disinfected during the school day. Which measures are implemented will depend partly on the age of the students.

No firm decisions have yet been taken, but it is likely that masks will be worn and disinfecting hand gel provided in every classroom, while in the corridors a one-way system may operate to facilitate social distancing. Many parents have mixed feelings about their children returning to school, on one hand there is a feeling of relief and on the other concern for the childrens’ health and risk of infection. Consultations with teachers and parents continue.

PHOTO: College Charles III