With the peak of the local coronavirus epidemic now seemingly passed, Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG) is slowly returning to normal. Several medical staff have already left to help out in a hospital in Mulhouse, in eastern France, according to Benoîte de Sévelinges, the director of CHPG.

Two of the specialised coronavirus units in Monaco have been stood down, but could be restarted in a few hours if the need arises, she told local French-language daily Monaco Matin.

During the coming week, from Monday, April 20, cardiology services and surgery will restart, although with special precautions. “We will consider that all patients are potentially carriers of the virus, so as to protect everyone,” the director said. Also, at this stage of getting back to some sort of normality, no visitors will be allowed for in-patients.

Over the past few weeks many non-coronavirus patients have stayed away from the hospital, partly because of a fear of infection and also because they have not wanted to get in the way of the hospital’s treatment programme.

Four doctors will take it in turns to work in Mulhouse for seven-day stints, while nursing staff will work for 15 days. All are volunteers and, said Benoîte de Sévelinges, there was no shortage of staff wanting to help out in a region that has been badly affected by the crisis.

PHOTO: Benoîte de Sévelinges, director of CHPG