Monaco reported no new case of coronavirus on Sunday evening. The total number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the outbreak remains at 94. A total of 22 people have fully recovered. Over the last seven days, only one new case of coronavirus has been reported in Monaco.

The Government repeated its thanks to the local population for observing the current lockdown and asked for everyone to continue to respect the rules. Not all the patients in hospital in Monaco are resident in the Principality.

In Spain on Sunday, officials said there were 410 new deaths, compared to 565 on Saturday. The number of infections rose by just 1,528, down from 4,852 on Saturday. In France, 642 new deaths were reported late on Saturday, compared to 761 new at the end of Friday. However, these figures vary wildly from day to day due to reporting delays and inconsistencies, especially from state-run old peoples’ homes.

In the US, 1,867 people died from coronavirus in the most recent 24-hour reporting period, with an increase of 29,057 cases to a total of 740,928. Both figures are lower than for recent days.

In the UK in the last 24-hour reporting period there were 596 new hospital deaths, down from 888 on Saturday. A total of more than 50 health workers have so far died in the outbreak in the UK and there are reports that some frontline health workers will refuse to work due to a critical shortage of protective kit.