The Expo 2020 Dubai steering committee, which met on Monday, March 30, has recommended postponing the event by one year.

Albert Croesi, Commissioner-General of the Monaco Pavilion and leader of Monaco Inter Expo, said that just over six months before the opening, scheduled for October 20, the Expo 2020 steering committee is in favour of postponing the Expo for a year, and the United Arab Emirates, aware of the major challenge holding the event later this year, with an estimated 25 million visitors, has agreed to the recommendation.

“In a spirit of solidarity and unity, we supported this proposal to explore a one-year postponement. We look forward to welcoming the world, which we are sure will emerge stronger and more resilient from this challenge,” said His Excellency Reem Al Hashimy, Minister of State for UAE for International Cooperation and Director General of the Expo 2020 Dubai.”

Construction of the Pavilions on the Expo Site continues in compliance with safety rules, and this is also the case on the Monaco Pavilion site. In the Principality, the Monaco Inter Expo teams continue the preparation of the Pavilion’s agenda.

“The Expo world is a big family and under these special circumstances, the collective energy will be even more positive and hopeful, if a delay of the Expo is formally agreed by participating countries,” Mr Croesi said.

PHOTO: Artist’s impression of Monaco’s pavilion