Patrice Cellario, Minister of the Interior, said that since March 18 at midnight, when the Prince ordered people to stay at home, 11,000 checks have been carried out by Public Security.

There have been very few contraventions, and only one person has been fined, since his presence in Monaco could not be explained.

On Wednesday morning, 211 vehicles were checked at the entrances to the Principality and two drivers who were not in possession of proof of business travel to the Principality were turned back,” Mr Cellario said.

Another incident involved a group of friends enjoying an aperitif on a boat. They were given a warning, the Minister said.

“At the moment, delinquency is very low, almost zero,” said Richard Marangoni, head of Public Security. “There are two areas on which we are vigilant, including domestic violence.” He said that there had been no ‘dramatic cases.’

The other issue is noise. “Every evening, we have calls from individuals complaining about noise.”

Personal travel that is deemed essential (shopping, medical care, family assistance or childcare, taking your pet out or doing a physical activity: alone and near your home) is authorised without the need for paper proof, an attestation, as in neighbouring France. However, for business trips and employees coming into Monaco, a document must be provided in the event of an inspection.