The French authorities have changed the ‘attestation de deplacement derogatoire,’ the piece of paper that should be carried during all travel outside the home. From Wednesday, March 25, it is now necessary to add place of birth to the information required, and also to date the sheet and give the time of stepping out of the door. It can be downloaded at:

Needless to say, this will require wifi access, which is increasingly problematic, and a plentiful supply of A4 paper since each ‘deplacement’ will require its own printed justification. Local French-language daily Monaco Matin has been printing a blank copy on its back page.

There are also two new choices added to the multiple choice tick boxes, the first being an invitation to an official meeting and the second being the more general ‘taking part in a mission ordered by the authorities.’

For the majority of users, the first five choices, in order, are: Travel to a place of work when distance working is not possible; travel to buy supplies for professional activity and purchase of essential supplies (such as food); visits to patients with chronic diseases; travel for urgent family reasons, such as to help vulnerable individuals or involving the security of children; and brief sorties for an hour maximum and within one kilometre of home for exercise or the walking of a dog.

It is important to note that Monaco does not require this piece of paper.