While Monaco’s total coronavirus caseload rose to 11 on Thursday, Italy recorded 472 new deaths, just three short of the previous day. Italy has now overtaken China as the country most affected by the outbreak, with a total of 3,405 by the end of Thursday. Among the victims, a 57 year-old doctor who had been working without gloves, because there weren’t any. The army was called in to help remove bodies.

In France, the total fatalities rose to 372 deaths, and positive cases double every four days. In Germany a total of 15,155 cases have been reported, but only 44 deaths as of March 19, a fatality rate of 0.3 percent.

Meanwhile in the UK, bars and restaurants remain open. The apparent lack of seriousness about social distancing in Britain prompted the French Prime Minister to comment that France would have “difficulty” in allowing in travellers from the UK.

In the US, the number of confirmed cases doubled overnight to 11,500, partly as a result of more widespread testing.

During Thursday, HSH Prince Albert tested positive for coronavirus, as did one other person in Monaco. The elected National Council met to discuss the problems that have arisen in recent days as Monaco has seen the closing of most of its businesses.

The head of the Pastor building firm said that work has continued on some of the company’s sites because it’s not the same as closing a cupboard door.

Finally, Super Marche U will dedicate its first hour of opening (from 08:30) to the over-70s.

PHOTO: Meeting of the National Council on Thursday, March 19