Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Infrastructure, Environment and Town Planning, Thomas Battaglione, Director General of SMEG and Pierre Weill, responsible for the deployment of Nexio, have presented to the press the ‘Nexio Universe,’ a smart meter system that is designed to offer a confidential and secure digital space for customers of the Monaco electricity and gas company.

“Nexio offers SMEG customers multiple advantages, particularly in terms of monitoring their consumption. This is at the service of the consumer by offering them the choice to better control their electrical consumption and thus act effectively on their energy expenditure and consequently on that of the Principality,” Marie-Pierre Gramaglia said.

The deployment of the new meters will be carried out from March 2. The free installation will take 30 minutes and will not require, in 90 percent of cases, the presence of the user. It will be carried out by SMEG teams and two expert Monegasque companies.

The customer area, myNexio, designed as an interactive dashboard, will allow the user, from a smartphone, tablet or computer, to view or edit their invoices, to benefit from personalised advice, to simulate consumption electrical systems, to analyse its uses in order to better control its budget and its energy profile.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service