A large fine has been imposed by the Monaco Criminal Court on the manager of a Monaco company who falsified documents relating to the special formula for the concrete used for the Portier land extension project.

The main contractor, Bouygues Construction, employed La Monégasque de travaux special SARL to ensure the quality of the vast amount of concrete needed in the construction of the six-hectare project, supplied by the French company Sigma Béton.

However, between April and May 2017, suspicions over quality control were raised by Bouygues and a subsequent investigation found that a manager of the Monaco company had issued falsified reports after original documents had gone missing. The defendant, who was absent at the hearing, claimed that if he had not done so important deadlines would have been missed. The court heard that the unnamed person has a criminal record for two similar misdemeanours in France.

A fine of 10,000 euros was imposed.

Readers may recall that inferior concrete may have played a role in the collapse of the Genoa motorway bridge 18 months ago that claimed the lives of 39 people. However, there are no indications that the concrete used in the Portier extension has been compromised in the same way.

ORIGINAL SOURCES include Monaco Matin PHOTO: Monaco’s Portier project Ian Brodie