Following several more attempts to scam Monaco residents whose name appears in the telephone directory, the Government has again warned everyone to exercise extreme caution.

The scenario is that someone calls under the guise of a tax inspector or a Monaco police inspector and claims that substantial sums are owed to the state. The caller tries to convince the potential victim that no further action will be taken if a large sum is paid in penalties.

The scammer opens an account abroad in the name of the victim to whom he then explains how to answer any questions put to him by his bank advisor. The Monaco authorities warn that under no circumstances should money be paid over the telephone to unidentified callers.

“In the event of a similar call, you must be particularly vigilant and never make any bank transfer. You should immediately notify Monaco Public Security (tel. who will direct you to the specialised services,” the Government said in a press release on Tuesday, January 28.

ORIGINAL SOURCE: Monaco Government Press Service ILLUSTRATION: