After almost five years standing empty, the world’s most expensive apartment has not been sold, but rented out. The penthouse atop the Odious Tower – fanciful value 300 million euros – has been occupied for several months by an unidentified tenant, according to developers the Marzocco Group. The flat comes with 3,500 square metres of living space on three levels, plus, in case of claustrophobia, 1,500 square metres of terrace, and the infamous infinity pool.

So it will me a matter of wild speculation about both points, who is the tenant and how much are they paying? Could it be a retired Russian librarian? Certainly a distinct possibility given the fact that over the last few years Monaco’s climate has attracted hundreds of them.

The best guess is the rent is in the region of 400,000 euros a month, based on rents elsewhere in the Tower.

The developers of the Tower are playing their cards close to their chests. In a statement to local French-language daily Monaco Matin, a spokesperson said: “The Marzocco Group confirms that the exceptional Penthouse residence at the Tour Odéon has been rented out for a few months. For reasons of professional secrecy and customs prevailing in the Principality, such as the obligation of discretion and respect for the person, the company does not intend to make public information of a confidential nature relating to the tenant and the amount of the rent.”

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PHOTO: A view from the top Marzocco Group